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2019/2020 School Year

Calgary Islamic School OBK gives BACK


          When we are blessed, we truly believe we should give back. This summer that’s exactly what happened at OBK. During the holy month of Ramadan last June donations started piling in, after the announcement for a new kind of charity fundraiser to take place at OBK. A kind of donation that one could gain continuous reward from, a Sadaqa Jariya.


Something different, something new, something that would keep giving; that was the motive of the OBK school council. We wanted our school to give back to a much less fortunate community, and what could be better than the gift of water? Taken for granted by many people around the world, yet out of reach for so many others. “The best charity is to give water to drink” ~ The Prophet Muhammad PBUH. ~ With over 780 million people in need of clean water, it was a simple initiative and an easy decision. The Calgary Islamic School would dig a water well in a community where it was much needed.


 IHCRO (International Human Care and Relief Organisation) quickly became the charity of our choice. Founded in 2014, a new charity, known for its transparency, efficiency, live updates, and rapid results. Our goal was to raise $1600.00 USD ($2117.84 CAD) these funds would be used to dig a well in a remote village in India, where water was not easily accessible. The OBK school spirt quickly shone through when parents, staff, and students not only reached the goal but quickly surpassed it. Raising a total of $5372.75 CAD in less than two months! Feeling accomplished, we immediately placed our order. In a matter of weeks, our well digging process was underway, and we were able to share videos with our OBK family, everyone who contributed was able to visually see how far their contribution had gone.


With $3206.99 left, we are not stopping. OBK is planning to contribute to another 5 wells! One in Syria, costing $1500.USD, and four hand-pump wells in remote villages across Bangladesh costing $800.00 USD. This has been an amazing experience for OBK, and an excellent reminder that we must contribute to communities around us and to those equally distant. For those who were unable to donate or wish to donate again, the water well donation link will remain running throughout the school year. Parents, staff, and students will be notified when new wells are ordered and videos showing progress will be shared.


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