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Evening Parent Session - by Habeeb Quadri

February 18th, 2020 - 6 PM to 8 PM


Salam parents, please mark your calendar for Tuesday, February 18th 2020, as CIS - OBK will be hosting a parent session by Habeeb Quadri, the achiever of the National Distinguished Principal Award. Mr. Quadri is in his 16th year as principal at the Muslim Community Center Career Academy in Skokie, Illinois.


Habeeb Quadri is the principal of the MCC Academy in Morton Grove and an author/lecturer on Islam and social problems confronting Muslim youth. Born in Chicago to Indian immigrants, Habeeb is a first-generation American and son of one of the founders of Chicago’s Muslim Community Center.

After moving to Morton Grove as a kid, he lived through the contentious referendum to block MCC’s purchase of the former Borg school in Morton Grove and the attacks on the Muslim community. But he also recalls the interfaith civic support they received after the referendum was voted down and watched MCC Academy gradually flourish.

He has also written a book :
image of The War Within Our Hearts

The War Within Our Hearts

Sa'ad Quadri; Habeeb Quadri

Written for today’s urban Muslim boys, this guide to faithful living is wise and understanding. Twenty-eight short chapters are divided into two sections: “Problems” and “Solutions,” in which the authors, both school administrators who understand teen language, acknowledge that modern culture and technology are often at odds with the teachings of the Qu'ran. Peppered with slang, chapters individually address teen problems such as peer pressure, parents, immodest dress, depression and social networking. Through Qu'ran quotes and stories of Islamic prophets and scholars, readers are encouraged to act in ways that are in keeping with their religion but do not promote isolation from modern society. The end of each chapter in the “Problems” section offers life tips that are Qu'ran- focused but often universally applicable, such as “Always be encouraging towards others with fewer blessings…than you.” In the “Solutions” part of the book, chapters end with tips on becoming more involved in the faith. The copyediting, design and binding leave much to be desired, but readers who pick this up will find the man-to-man advice practical and uplifting.

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