OBK Youth Summit

Youth Summit



OBK is proud to present our 2022-2023 Youth Summit for grades 4 - 12 youth on December 23, 2022! The OBK Youth Summit will bring Muslim youth together from across the city, and allow them to network with each other and with other community members. Through engaging workshops and discussions, we hope to empower our Muslim Canadian youth and strengthen their Muslim identities.

This year's theme is diversity through an Islamic lens where we will have knowledgeable guest speakers discuss crucial topics with our youth such as Islamic identity, the LGBTQ community, racism, gender interactions, substance abuse, disabilities, internet safety, and having a healthy lifestyle. Through this year's Youth Summit, we hope to enrich our youth's minds and lead them to be confident Canadian Muslims who can be active members of society.

This year's summit will take place at the Calgary Islamic School Omar Bin Al-Khattab Campus starting at 10:30 AM and will conclude at around 5:00 PM (right after Maghrib prayer). However, doors open at 10:15 AM In shaa Allah.

The fee for the youth seminar is $15 per individual. This includes a lunch meal.

After the Youth Summit, a movie will be shown for any youth interested in staying. It will commence at 5:10 PM and end at 7:30 PM. This will come at no extra cost. Concession items will also be sold at OBK.

December 23rd - 10:30 am to 5:00 pm
Doors open - 10:15 am

Calgary Islamic School -OBK Campus

Registration- $15 plus the online transaction fee (lunch included)

Free Movie showing - 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Snacks are to be sold separately

Kindly click here to register your child.