Valedictorian 2019 / 2020

Posted on: Jun 24 2020

This year, Maryam Ibrahim, the first female Hafidha of OBK has been chosen as Grade 9 valedictorian. Listen to her beautiful speech Maa Shaa Allah!

Accountability Pillar Results - School Report 2020

Posted on: Jun 22 2020

Accountability Pillar Results - School Report 2020

Haiku Poem Contest

Posted on: Jun 22 2020

Congratulations Fariza Saif of grade 4B on winning Haiku Poem Contest organized by Japan Airline Foundation. Mrs. Amin class - 4B participated in the 16th World Children's Haiku Contest 2019-2020. Out…

Watch Eid Wishes from OBK Staff to our Students

Posted on: May 23 2020

Eid Mubarak from OBK's staff to all the Muslims around the world, especially our beautiful OBK parents, teachers, and students! We ask Allah (SWT) to accept our worship, fasting, and Dua'a. Have a wonderful…

Palliser mourns the passing of Trustee Don Boras

Posted on: May 14 2020

Taste of Love, missed by many...

Posted on: May 12 2020

A note from Ms. Boucharif on Taste of Love (Iftaar Meals for the needy families) I wanted to share something nice that will push us to keep doing what we are doing in shaa Allah. Yesterday, when I called…

Best Eid Ever Contest by MKTV

Posted on: May 8 2020

Salam OBK Parents, Muslim Kids TV is hosting a Ramadan contest for students from grades 2 to 4! Here are more details: Imagine your BEST EID EVER! Enter Muslim Kids TV’s BEST EID EVER contest. Imagine…

Eid Holidays Changes in Calendar

Posted on: May 5 2020

Please find the changes in the dates for Eid Holidays 2020: Eid Holidays 2020  

Ramadan Challenge 2020

Posted on: May 4 2020

OBK Students!!! Write an Essay or Create a video! The theme is... “My Du’aa to Allah”: Ramadan Challenge 2020

Friday Sermon by Hashem Ershad (9T)

Posted on: May 1 2020

Today's khutbah (Friday Sermon) is about Ramadan Reminders, by Hashem Ershad in Grade 9 Tahfeeth. Youtube Link:Hashem Ershad (Friday Sermon)Facebook Link:Hashem Ershad (Friday Sermon)

Assessment Guidelines from Palliser School Division

Posted on: May 1 2020

As salam alay kum Parents and Guardians, Please find the link below regarding ​Assessment Guidelines​ for students as we move forward on our on-line education journey. These guidelines are based on…

Video / Event Gallery

Posted on: Apr 27 2020

Please check out our recently updated videos and events library: Videos Photos

On-line Learning Rules

Posted on: Apr 25 2020

On-line Learning Rules

Ramadan 2020

Posted on: Apr 24 2020

A few parents and students drove by to thank OBK staff and wish them Ramadan Mubarak! It was lovely to see these beautiful faces again. Ramadan Mubarak to our parents and students!…

Khutbah by Ayaan Dawood

Posted on: Apr 24 2020

A wonderful Khutba (Friday sermon) by Ayaan Dawood from Grade 8 Tahfeeth about the blessings of the month of Ramadan. Jazaka Allahu Khir Ayaan for the great reminder!

Translated Information from AHS, Government of Alberta,…

Posted on: Apr 13 2020

Dear Parents, The Calgary Zone Diversity Liaison team has a website that includes some translated information from AHS, Government of Alberta, and Government of Canada. We hope you find it useful. Here…

Parent / Staff Resource Site

Posted on: Apr 5 2020

Dear Parents, Please find below the link for parent/staff resource site created by Palliser for the school community. This link can also be…

Leadership Award Winners for Term 2

Posted on: Mar 20 2020

Leadership Award Winners for Term 2: Congratulations students and their respective parents for winning the trophy for the Leadership Award!!!   Div 1 Winners: Aaiza Habib - 2A - Aaiza Habib 2A Leadership…

On Line Education

Posted on: Mar 19 2020

As Salam Alay Kum Parents and Students, Please click on the letter below from the principal regarding On-Line Education On Line Education

Latest on COVID - 19

Posted on: Mar 15 2020

Hello & As-salam alay kum Dear Parents, The following update has been shared by Palliser School Division this afternoon. Inshallah if there are further updates, we will keep you posted as soon as we receive…