Event Gallery

Year 2022-2023

Painting by Anayah Adil (Photo with the Principal)

Anayah Adil of Grade 8T gifted this wonderful painting to the school in the honour of her twin sisters graduating from Kindergarten!

Qur'an Memorization by Uzair Ansari

Congratulations Uzair Ansari! May Allah SWT bless you in abundance for your hard work and success.

Water Well Donation In Niger

By the grace of Allah swt our school has completed yet another well that will serve the people of this village in Alfagay - Niger.

May Allah accept this chairty from our school. Jazakam Allahu Khyran to those who support and contribute. Thank you to IHCRO for the wonderful work that they do across the Ummah.

Water Wells Completion in Bangladesh

These are images of a few hand pumps that were recently built in Bangladesh from your donation. Jazak Allah for your donations. May Allah accept this sadaqa jariya from us and forgive us - Ameen.

Boys Basketball Winners

The 8/9 Boys Guardians Basketball team won gold medals from the Calgary C.I.S.A.A. Junior High Basketball Tier 3 League Championship! Way to go Guardians!!

World Hijab Day

Every year OBK celebrates World Hijab Day in February . All students, staff and parents participate in the event and learn about the importance and benefits of Hijab.